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Terms & Conditions

Registration-Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

    1. Registration implies your agreement to abide by the Terms & Conditions of KIIT National Mathematics Olympiad (KIIT NMO – 2024).
    2. Ranks will be awarded to the candidate rankings as per ranking policy of KIIT NMO -2024.
    3. The candidate is solely responsible for the correctness of the details provided during the registration. The KIIT NMO reserves the right to cancel any candidature in case any fraudulent information is found.
    4. The award of the cash prizes and/or scholarship benefits to the top rankers claiming the same is subject to authenticity of their details (personal, academic etc.) provided by the candidate during the registration. The authenticity of the details would be determined by a scrutiny committee constituted by KIIT NMO organizing team.
    5. The scholarship benefits are applicable solely for admissions to KIIT-DU during the academic sessions of 2024-2025 and 2025-2026.
    6. Scholarships benefits can be availed by candidates currently enrolled in the XI or XII standards.
    7. The total scholarship fund of Rs. 25 crores is the cumulative sum allotted for individual scholarships for the top 250 achievers, as detailed on our website/brochure.
    8. Top rankers can access the scholarship benefits exclusively through participation in the KIITEE counseling process. Securing a top rank in the Olympiad does not ensure admission to KIIT. To be eligible, Olympiad top rankers seeking admission to KIIT must pass KIITEE/JEE Main and meet program-specific eligibility criteria. Visit the KIITEE website for comprehensive details.
    9. The total cash prize of Rs. 15 lakhs is the aggregate sum distributed among the top three rankers of all class levels (class IX, X, XI and XII).
    10. The exam will be conducted online, allowing candidates to take the exam remotely from their preferred location (home, library, school’s computer lab, internet cafe, etc.) while complying with exam regulations.
    11. KIIT NMO will be conducted in English.
    12. Candidates must use a camera and sound-enabled laptop/computer for the exam. Appearing in the exam via mobile phone is prohibited. Any violation will result in cancellation of the candidature.
    13. The exam will be home proctored, implying that student activity during the exam will be monitored through the student’s video (through web-camera) and audio.
    14. No re-examination/rescheduling will be done if a candidate is unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.
    15. The registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. Candidates are advised to avoid multiple registrations.
    16. Candidate data collected during registration will be used to disseminate information about the Olympiad (e.g., exam schedule, login details, results etc.) and similar future events.
    17. Legal proceedings will be governed by Indian laws, and any disputes between parties will be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

    Ranking Policy 

    1. Each candidate’s rank is determined by their score relative to others.
    2. Criteria for ranking if multiple candidates score the same:
    3. First, performance in Section D will be considered. Candidate with higher score in Section D will be ranked higher. If tied, Section C will be reviewed.
    4. If the tie persists, the time taken to complete Sections D will be evaluated. Faster completion earns a higher rank. If tie persists, time taken to complete section C will be considered.
    5. If a tie still persists, the candidate who finished the entire test quicker gets a higher rank.
    6. If tie remains, those with matching scores share the same rank and the cash prize will be divided among them evenly.
    7. The rank of a candidate will be displayed on the rank card. The rank card can be downloaded from the KIIT NMO website (olympiads.kiit.ac.in) after the results are announced.
    8. The evaluation once done would be treated as final. Re-evaluation will not be done. As the evaluation is done automatically using a software (using answer keys), there is no scope of errors in evaluation.
    9. The organizing team is under no obligation to disclose the individual marks scored by the candidates.