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Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT)

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, known as KIIT, is a renowned Indian university recognised for its exceptional teaching and research. Established in 1992-93 as an Industrial Training Institute in Bhubaneswar with only 12 students and two teachers, KIIT has since evolved into a leading institution of higher education. Despite its humble beginnings, KIIT’s commitment to academic excellence and holistic education has propelled it to remarkable heights.

Here are some key achievements and notable aspects of KIIT:

  • Grant of Deemed to be University Status in 2004.
  • Recognition as an ‘Institution of Eminence’ by the Government of India.
  • Top rankings, including No. 1 among self-financing institutions in ARIIA 2020.
  • International recognition with rankings in THE Asia University Rankings.
  • A sprawling 25 sq.km campus with world-class infrastructure.
  • Diverse student body from all over India and 64 countries.
  • Success of over 60,000 alumni in various fields.

KIIT’s unwavering commitment to excellence and impactful outreach continue to drive its aspirations for greater achievements in the future.

Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS)

The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) is a transformative educational institution dedicated to eradicating hunger, poverty, and illiteracy among India’s indigenous communities. With 40,000 students across its campuses, KISS offers holistic education, skill development, nutrition, and healthcare, empowering tribal students to understand their rights and contribute positively to society. KISS integrates cultural sensitivity and creativity in education. As the first exclusive university for indigenous children, KISS emphasizes gender equity, vocational empowerment, and sustainable development, making significant strides in athletics and academics.

Here are some key achievements and notable aspects o KISS:

  • Largest exclusive university for indigenous children, with 60,000 students representing 62 tribes.
  • Emphasis on holistic education model aligning with New Education Policy 2020.
  • Special Consultative Status with the UN’s ECOSOC since 2015.
  • Produced over 5,000 athletes and sportspersons, achieving national and international recognition.
  • Financial sustainability through partnerships and contributions, including a unique financial model linked to KIIT.